Don’t let the warm weather deceive you! Winter is coming, and when it does, will you be prepared to weather it?  At Mac Equipment Inc. in Longmont, we can help you prepare for the coming changes in temperature and precipitation. Here are some tips for things you should take care of before the snow hits. This winter, store your commercial lawn equipment safely to reduce the risk of needing costly maintenance in the spring.

dreamstime_xxl_9369402Time for a Deep Clean

This winter, minimize the damage done to your walker mowers and other warm-weather lawn equipment. Before you store your commercial lawn equipment for the winter, remove the spark plugs and give everything a shower. A hose will get most of the grass and debris off, but you may need to go in with a long flathead screwdriver or other scraper to get off any tenacious clumps on the blades. After your mower is clean, it would be an ideal time to replace your spark plug and air filter as well.

Change the Oil

Just before storing your equipment for the winter is an excellent time to do a thorough check of your equipment and perform routine maintenance. If you’re machinery-savvy, a warm day and a clear driveway (with a drop cloth) are the perfect setting to take care of the oil change. If not, bring your commercial mowers and other power equipment to Mac Equipment Inc. and we will take care of it for you.

Check the Gas

dreamstime_xxl_13199743One of the easiest measures to forget before winter storage is to check the gas in your equipment. No, we don’t mean you should be sure the tank is full. If you’re storing your equipment for the winter, you should store your equipment with an ethanol free, high octane fuel. Stabilizer is only good for 30 days and does not protect against the varnishing that ethanol causes.

Finally, the last step before storage is the same as you would do with a motorcycle, car, or other equipment: unplug the battery. In this case, with most commercial lawn equipment the battery is small enough that you can remove it entirely.

If you have further questions about winterizing your commercial lawn equipment, call Mac Equipment Inc. We can answer all your questions so you can safely winterize your riding mowers and more. Call us or stop by our Loveland or Longmont locations today!