Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Last time, we gave you several helpful tips for fixing basic snowblower issues. Whether your blower has been sitting in your garage all year without use, or you’re experiencing issues at a moment’s notice, it can be frustrating having to deal with these issues if you have work to do. Check out blog one where we talked about, first and foremost, checking your fuel to make sure it’s still good, then checking all your switches and reviewing your user’s manual. Keep reading for several more tips on getting your snowblower started and keeping it running while you clear your driveway this winter.

Use your choke

The choke on a snowblower, or any mower for that matter, is there for you to use it. If the engine is cold on your snowblower, you’re going to want to set it to “full choke” and if it is below freezing, it would be a good idea to prime the carburetor.

Check the throttle

It may also be a good idea to check the throttle to ensure that it is at least at three-quarters speed. This will give you snow blower the best chance of starting in cold weather.

Check the spark plug

If you’ve tried all of our tips and haven’t had any success, you may need to check your spark plug. So, what should you be looking for?

A wet spark plug is a good sign that it has been flooded. If this happens, you should turn the engine over with the spark plug removed. Once the fuel is removed, clean the spark plug and place it back in. You can also install a new one if this doesn’t work. If the spark plug is cracked or there’s a problem with your ignition coil, use a spark plug tester or ignition coil tester to diagnose the issue.

Contact Mac Equipment today

If you’ve tried all of these fixes and you still aren’t able to get your snowblower started, give Mac Equipment Inc. a call today. We have a wide selection of used snowblowers for sale and would be glad to help you fix any issue you’re having with your current one. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to start your snowblower up for the first time in the winter, only to find out it won’t start or doesn’t work correctly. Give us a call today!