Having a snow blower that won’t start when you need it to can be one of the most frustrating things. Since Colorado weather is unpredictable, you’re most likely not putting your snow blower to use on a daily basis during the winter. So, when a blizzard hits, you’ll want to make sure it’s running efficiently and doesn’t break down on you. Of course, you can try shoveling or using a plow on your truck, but what did you buy your snow blower for if it can’t be put to use? If you’re having any problems at all with your snow blower, try out a few of these tips to get your blower started again.

Check your fuel

Checking your fuel should always be the first step in fixing a snowblower that won’t start. If you had your snowblower stored for a long time without use, you should have added a fuel stabilizer to it in order to prevent loss of volatility. If you didn’t, you need to drain your tank through the carburetor and replace it with fresh fuel and stabilizer. If your snowblower still isn’t working, you’ll need to see a professional to get it cleaned and replaced.

Check your fuel shutoff valve

The fuel shutoff valve on your snowblower is there for safety and to protect your blower. Turning the switch on when you’re ready to move some snow is a simple task, but it’s easy to forget if you haven’t used it since last winter. Flip it on and see if this fixes your issue.

Check the rest of your switches

Not every blower is created the same; you may need to return to your user’s manual in order to refresh your memory on what every switch does. Some snow blowers will have a safety key switch (similar to starting keys on a lawnmower). You should ensure that the key is inserted into the holder and your red toggle switch should be in the “on” or “run” position. If either or neither of these switches are flipped, you won’t be able to start your snowblower. Failure to do this may also result in a flooded engine.

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