Spring has definitely sprung in Colorado – even though it’s barely April! By this point, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that, because of the dearth of snow in Loveland this winter, the trees are already budding and grass is getting green again. Which, of course, means it’s time to start thinking about your spring gardening tasks, boosting your lawn, and all those other lawn care tasks like trimming and mowing. Which begs the question: did you remember to store your various lawn care equipment properly last winter? If not, your dependable old mower may not be so dependable anymore. If you’re not particularly mechanically inclined, you’re probably asking yourself whether your mower needs repair or if it’s time to replace it with a new model.


What’s The Issue?

The first step to determining whether it’s worth it to take your mower to a small engine repair or not is to try to narrow down what exactly is wrong with your mower. The repairs needed will make a huge difference in whether or not it makes sense to get a few replacement mower parts and DIY the fix, pay an expert for lawn mower repair, or replace your old mower entirely. Here are a few things to consider:

  • How old is your lawn mower? – If your mower is over three years old, it’s unlikely that your repairs will be covered by a warranty, so you will want to get a repair cost quote.
  • What is wrong with it? – Another primary concern should be the extensiveness of repairs needed. If it’s a quick and easy repair and your local small engine repair has the mower parts, it may be worth it; but, if it’s a full engine rebuild, it may be less financially savvy to go through with the repair.
  • How well have you maintained it? – Just like your car, your mower needs regular maintenance; if you have not been diligent about upkeep, your mower is likely to have a shorter lifespan whether you pay for lawn mower repair now or not.

If you aren’t sure how extensive of a repair is needed, your Loveland small engine repair team at Mac Equipment, Inc. can take a look and give you an idea of what needs fixing. Our small engine repair team can handle everything from routine lawn mower servicing and blade sharpening to tractor servicing.



Repair or Replace?

When it comes down to it, the decision to repair or replace is up to you. Of course, replacement cost is a big factor in this decision but, if possible, try to think long-term rather than just about immediate cost. The average lifespan of a lawn mower is somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 years, so if your mower is at the high end of that, paying for costly repairs to have the engine rebuilt may not be worth it in the long run. However, if your ride-on mower is only two years old, the repair cost may be much more worthwhile. If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace, come visit the small engine repair team at Mac Equipment, Inc. in Loveland!