Summer is the best time of year to enjoy some time out in the sun, have some refreshing drinks, and get some yard work done. But when your lawn mower isn’t working as it should, a relaxing summer weekend can go awry pretty quickly. Here at Mac Equipment Inc., small engine repair is our specialty. If you’re experiencing any issues at all with your riding or push mower, take it in to our shop in either Loveland or Longmont, and we’ll get you all squared away. Keep reading to learn about several signs it’s time for a lawn mower tuneup.

It’s Not Starting

Many people are under the impression that it’s perfectly normal to spend 20 minutes getting their mower started each time they go out to mow the lawn. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just imagine if it took you that long to get your car started — would you put up with it?

Mowers may be difficult to start because they have old gas in them, the spark plug is disconnected, or it’s just dirty. Give us a call or bring it into our shop to get this fixed.

It Doesn’t Cut Cleanly

Lawn mowers are designed to make clean cuts so that your grass will look even and appealing. However, if your mower appears to be making a mess of your lawn you’re going to need a tuneup. The two most common reasons this is happening is that you either have the wheels set at different heights or the blade is dull causing it to pull or rip grass instead of cutting it.

Rough Idle

If you’ve ever had your car run a rough idle, you know how much anxiety this can cause. Not only is it annoying to listen to a grinding or rumbling noise constantly but there’s always the fear that it could break down at any moment. This is no different when it comes to your mower. This issue is often caused by poor air intake or the fuel system.

Engine Is Smoking

Not only does a smoking engine pollute the air around your home, it could mean serious problems for the condition of your mower. White or blue smoke is usually the indication of burning oil or an obstruction in the breather tube. Generally, the sooner you can get this mower in to see us, the better we’ll be able to save it from serious damage.

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