Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Mac Equipment Inc. In our last blog we went over several spring maintenance tips for your yard. Spring is the best time of year to get back into the swing of things when it comes to yard work. Many people enjoy starting new landscaping projects or getting their lawn in shape before summer rolls around. Keep reading to learn more about spring lawn maintenance.

Brown Spots

Brown spots or bare spots are some of the most frustrating lawn problems to deal with, maybe even more so than weeds. Everyone wants to have the perfect lush green and full grass that they always see on TV, but sometimes that’s too high of a standard to have. When spring hits, you’re expecting your grass to be at its greenest, but sometimes, after the winter snow clears out, you start to notice brown spots or dry spots appearing. To deal with this situation, start by running water over the area for around ten minutes, then raking the area to remove any dead grass. Fill the area with sand and soil, then reseed and water it regularly until the grass is back to normal. Make sure you don’t step in this area until the grass is fully grown.

Check Your Mower

Many people don’t realize that a poorly functioning lawn mower can lead to unhealthy grass. And if you don’t operate it correctly it is equally as likely to cause problems. One of the most common lawnmower mistakes people make is to set their wheels too low, scalping your grass and preventing it from growing. Below are some essential maintenance tips for your lawn mower this spring.

Change the oil

Just like your car, your lawn mower needs its oil changed regularly. You should be changing the oil in your mower once a year and spring tends to be the best time of the year to do it since you’ll be mowing for the first time in the year. You’ll want to look at your owner’s manual to ensure you get the right type of oil. Just make sure to never overfill the oil; this can lead to damage or poor performance.

Sharpen the blades

Another major problem people run into when mowing their lawns is that their mower blades are too dull. What happens when the blades are too dull is, instead of getting a clean cut, the grass is yanked out, disturbing the roots and leading to dead patches on the lawn.

Replace the air filters

Dirty air filters will put more strain on your engine and cause it to operate less efficiently. Start by disconnecting the spark plug. Take off the filter cover and clean the foam pre-filter. Then, add the paper air filter. Put the filter cover back on and you’re set.



Check the deck

The deck is the underside of your mower. It can become clogged up with grass that impedes its ability to function and cut your grass efficiently. On top of that, if debris stays on the deck too long it will lead to faster corrosion and you may need to take it in for repairs more frequently. After each time you use your mower you should spray off the deck with a hose.

Repair your mower

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