Walker’s Mission: The only way for a small company to enter an established product market and stay there is to design products with irresistible superiority and uncompromising quality. A conventional product with conventional performance may be acceptable and even attractive when offered by a large established company; the same product offered by a small company cannot hope to survive in the marketplace where profit margins are small, competition is strong, and consumer loyalty to existing product lines is great.

Mac Equipment strives to sell and service the best of the best commercial mowers and outdoor power equipment. A top name in zero turn mowers is Walker Manufacturing. Walker Mowers are built just up the road in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Walker Manufacturing works through its distributor network to ensure that its retailers have the same values and high reputation for service and support after the sale. Mac Equipment is proud to sell and service Walker Mowers throughout the northern Colorado region, from the Boulder county area and north Denver, all the way up to Ft. Collins and the Greeley area.

All Walker commercial mowers sales are made by a local servicing dealer only.

As Walker manufacturing says, “We believe buying a mower is the beginning of a series of relationships that allows you, our dealers, our distributors, and Walker to operate in what we refer to as “A Family Style” of business.” Mac Equipment is honored to be part of that family.

Walker Mowers and Mac backstory: Mac Equipment began using Walker commercial mowers in our lawn care business (called “We Care Lawn Care”) in 1986 and continued through 2003. Founded in 1983 by the McCrimmon family, We Care Lawn Care maintained yards and grounds throughout northern Colorado from the Berthoud and Loveland area up to Fort Collins up until 2003. We put our own equipment through its paces and know the kind of hard work that our landscaping and mowing crew customers do first-hand. When we opened Mac Equipment in 1995, Walker commercial lawnmowers were one of two of our main products. We know and trust the kind of quality that Walker puts out, and we’ve been selling and servicing their machines ever since.

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